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News, the word has been described by many stalwarts in different times and different ways. But the main thing that every single individual focuses on is that news can come from any of the directions. If you look at the word “NEWS,” then you will find that all the four directions are provided in it. North, East, West, and South. In one way, therefore, you can say that news can come from any of this direction at any time. With the advancement of technology, news has now become a commodity to people, which helps them in knowing the world at a glance.

A look at the advanced technology

In the previous days, it has been found that people have to wait for the newspapers to get information of the happenings that are occurring in different parts of the world. This technology has been challenged by the invention of the radio. But that technology has been a late one as many information regarding the happenings of the world came to the people days after it occurred. This radio technology is a little bit faster, but the pace and the way remain the same as that of the newspaper of that period.

These two informational channel has been in the later days has been again challenged by the invention of the television. This medium has been producing news faster than the other mediums and accurately. But there is also a lack of this technology. The hours of producing the news many times found to be not getting an adjustment with the working hours of the people. Now all these technologies have been replaced by the invention of online news sites. This technology not challenged these three mediums but replaced them with the way it has been producing the occurrences and the happenings of the things all around the globe.