Taking a look at the top air fryers of 2017

Air fryers are known as one of the most amazing food makers now which will keep you away from the excessive calories and get fat as well. Here we are telling you air fryer reviews and which fryers you should go for.


This electric air fryer is totally perfect when it comes to the fast and smooth cooking. You can stay healthy by cooking your food in it. It has a recipe book and complete guide with it. It has a large basket which can hold lots of food at one time.

The size of the fryer is small as compared to the other fryers. It requires 1 teaspoon of the oil when you are cooking something and your food will be ready to serve.


Avalon has an ability to hold 3.2 liters of food inside the basket of the air fryer. It cooks your food at the temperature of 400 Fahrenheit to make it quickly. All the parts of the air fryer are detachable and you can join them at once.

The space in the machine is enough to store the food as well as it can cook food at the same time. The drawback will be that it’s hard to clean the machine and sometimes you would find it difficult to cook.


This machine has dual convection fans which cook your food quickly. As compared to the other models this fryer is affordable and fast in other features as well. You don’t have to use much oil when you are cooking healthy food for the diet.

The only drawback you can feel is that the machine is little louder when you are working with it. If you want to cook food in a large container then it’s not possible. You can cook this food in a small quantity.


This fryer is going to cook your food in a low-fat oil. You don’t have to wait for the long time when you are cooking a food in it. You can cook food in a large container as well and it will bring out the best food benefits while cooking.

You don’t have to wait for a long time, you just have to set the timer of 30 minutes and you will be set to go for the cooking. The taste of the food will be absolutely delicious and you don’t have to experience any problem in taste.


This works on the latest technology which is that you don’t have to put the oil in it. It works on the basis of heat and it will cook your food in total steam. You don’t have to put one teaspoon of oil in the fryer for the cooking purpose.

The drawbacks of the fryer are that you have to struggle sometimes when you want to clean the fryer due to the stickiness of the food and you need to watch the level of heat to avoid over heat problem.

What To Get From This Technology?

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Advantages of this technology

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