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Friday, 15 January 2016

Friday's French music break - Kids United, "On écrit sur les murs"

Friday's French music break enters 2016 with a song full of joyous good intent and suitably uplifting but with lyrics that are - to put it mildly - repetitive and borderline tedious.

Kids (doesn't that just grate, especially when the performers in question are French) United are the group who sing the Romano Musumarra and Jean-Marie Moreau penned title "On écrit sur les murs" originally recorded in 1989 by the late Demis Roussos.

Kids United (screenshot from official video)

But while Roussos simply featured "kids" his (heartwarming) clip, those behind Kids United pull all the syrupy punches available by having the six band members warble their talented way through the complete three minutes.

French telly viewers might recognise a few of the faces (and voices) as 12-year-old Carla was the winner of the first season of "The Voice Kids" (clearly there's no getting away from the term) and eight-year-old Gloria also featured in the show.

Both 15-year-old Esteban and 10-year old Erza have competed in "La France a un incroyable talent".

Completing the line-up are 15-year-old Nilusi and 13-year-old Gabriel - whose talent show appearances are surely just a matter of some time in the not too distant future.

Sponsored by Hélène Segara (she of - among other things - the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" which was described by The Independent newspaper when the London production opened as "A load of old bells" fame) and Corneille (no, not the 17-century French tragedian, Pierre, but the German-born, Rwandan, French and English soul and funk singing Cornelius Nyungura), Kids United deliver a message of hope and inspiration by (and this is from the official site) "interpreting the most beautiful songs celebrating peace and hope."

If you managed to make it to the end of that sentence, here's another one - shorter.

All six are "veritable artists (don't cough of splutter - those marketing the "project"...had to make it sound credible) passionate about singing."

Anyway it's all in a good cause - or at least some of it is - as part of the proceeds from record sales of the album "Un monde meilleur" (a "message of optimism and an ode to living together") from which the track has been taken, will go to UNICEF.

And that, regardless of hard-nosed commercial cynicism, has to be a good thing.

Plus, it beats pre-teens and adolescents tackling broken-hearted "Baby" lyrics at the ripe (old) age of 15

Doesn't it?

So, here's what you've been waiting for. Kids United with "On écrit sur les murs".

Happy listening et Bonne année!

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