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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Donald Trump renews his France bashing line

Not content with alienating many groups at home, US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has turned his attention to foreign affairs (again) and in particular France (again).

Donald Trump (screenshot from Fox News video)

“France is no longer France” he said at a campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina on Tuesday.

“I have friends who go to France every year. They love it,” he told the audience.

“I say, How do you like it this year? They say, we don’t go to France anymore. France in no longer France.”

(The first video below is silent...which, for many, might well be the best way to listen to Trump)

Wow. That’s an astute and shrewd analysis.

And one that Trump has made before. Yes, he’s a repeat “offender” of French feelings. Evidence that he has a complete understanding of a country he clearly knows and appreciates so well.

Back in July, after a terror attack in Nice on Bastille day left 87 people dead and the killing of a French priest, Father Jacques Hamel, 10 days later in a suburb of the north-western city of Rouen, Trump came up with his perceptive and incisive analysis that “France is no longer France.”

His source - an unnamed “friend” who apparently wouldn’t go to France because…yes, you’ve guessed it…”France is no longer France.

Interesting,  isn’t it, (not really) that within the course of a few weeks the singular friend has become plural…and even though they apparently no longer set foot in France, they are knowledgeable enough to proclaim that, “France is no longer France”.

So, M. Trump (and friend/friends) if “France is no longer France” what is it?

Let’s have the benefit of your undoubted wisdom. It’s bound to be enlightening…if not completely skewed.

And in the meantime, perhaps you could take a look at this piece in "Le Monde" (just FYI, that’s a French daily newspaper) by journalist Olivier Ravanello.

It’s short and to the point and suggests that when you’re French bashing so "eloquently", you’re actually talking about your own country.

Take a read - do.

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