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Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday’s French music break - Imany, “Don’t be so shy”

August 26, 2016

It hasn’t been easy to find a video to accompany this week’s Friday’s French music break that isn’t, well,  almost semi pornographic.

Little wonder really given the title, feel and not exactly concealed sexual nature of the song.

But hey.

It’s worth sharing because “Don’t be so shy”, the latest single by former French model Imany (Nadia Mladjao) and remixed by Moscow-based House and Deep House DJs Filatov & Karas (Dmitry Filatov and Alex Osokin) to become an upbeat European-wide hit which has topped the charts in several countries, is both contagious and a sumptuous delight.

Imany (screenshot Le Grand Studio, RTL)

This version (you can listen to it here) of “Don’t be so shy” combines class of her sublime and evocative voice with the remix which does the song complete justice.

The song originally featured on the soundtrack of the 2014 film “Sous les jupes des filles” (or “French woman”) and you can hear an excerpt towards the end of this trailer (yes, you’re really being treated to three different versions of the same song this week).

This isn’t the first time Imany has featured on Friday’s French music break (FFMB).

Back in 2011, she exploded on to the French music scene with her debut single, “You will never know”, a song which brought parallels with US singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman and had both commercial and critical success.

Enough words though.

As ever, FFMB is all about the music and the artist - sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Or in this case…excellent.

And here’s Imany with an acoustic version of "Don't be so shy" recorded in the studios of RTL radio.


You will.

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