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Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday’s French music break - Freedom Fry, “Shaky ground”

Feel like a “Na na na, Hey hey, Na na na” singalong?

Well this week’s Friday’s French music break can happily oblige.

It’s “Shaky ground” from the American-French duo “Freedom Fry”  comprising husband and wife Bruce Driscoll and Parisian-born Marie Seyrat.

Freedom Fry (Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll) - screenshot from “Shaky ground - behind the scenes” video)

The single isn’t exactly new - it was first released in 2015 - but with its revamped French/English version now available (at least to listeners in this country) it has been getting a fair amount of airplay.

Described as an American Indie pop band, Freedom Fry’s music apparently (according to the blurb on their official site) “heavily bleeds the warmth and sunshine of their home state of California” and “skirts the lines between pop, folk and indie rock” while “always (being) blended with danceable rhythms and a singalong chorus.

Yes, well.

In brief that means while they’re unlikely to set the annals of music alight with originality (not-so-eager ears will probably have cottoned on to the similarity - in sound and style - between “Shaky ground” and The Lumineers’ 2013 hit “Ho Hey”) Freedom Fry are immensely easy to listen to and the singalong factor (no matter how annoyingly simple it might be) of the “Na na na, Hey hey, Na na na” chorus is undeniable.

Anyway it’s late August here in France, so who wants to listen to anything too challenging?

So, here you go. Ready? It’s a two-in-one video: first the English version followed by the French-English one…a total of seven minutes and 14 seconds with plenty of…“Na na na, Hey hey, Na na na’s”

Bon week-end!

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