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Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday's French music break - Plácido Domingo, "Niun mi tema"

Friday's French music break this week is something anyone who is interested in opera will be able to see live next week.

It's the aria, " Niun mi tema" (That none fear me")  sung (here) by  Plácido Domingo, from the final act of Giuseppe Verdi's "Otello".

Plácido Domingo (screenshot from "Otello", 1996 Metropolitan opera production)

It provides just a taste of an opera that many self-proclaimed experts have described as "having singing roles that the performers should not even be attempting to sing."

Just as it does every year, France 2 will be transmitting the entire production live from Théâtre Antique D'Orange as part of the festival des Chorégies: Tuesday August 5 from 21h50.

In the title role, of course, will be Roberto Alagna who, in recent years, seems to have made a habit of headlining the festival.

The 51-year-old tenor will be tackling the part for the first time and, while he'll undoubtedly thrill the home audience (TV viewers and those at the performance), "purists" might well judge the role to be beyond his capacities.

Whatever. Summer opera outdoors and at night - a treat indeed, even if the performers don't or can't deliver the goods (although once again, nitpickers might not agree).

Just as long as the heavens don't open.

Yours truly will be there on Saturday, hoping that the production will be more enjoyable than the disappointing "La Wally" was in Geneva.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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