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Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday's French music break - Dumè, "Maman m'avait dit"

What happens when a Britney (Spears in  her "Oops I did it again" days) rip-off meets (failed) echoes of a wannabe Amy Winehouse "Back to black" melody with a smattering of Julian Perretta's 2012 hit "Wonder why"?

That's right. You get "a monkey at the keyboard mashup" of a song, and this week's Friday's French music break - blessed by its sheer awfulness and lack of musical originality.

It's "Maman m'avait dit", the latest single from Dominique Mattei, better known (really?) under his stage name Dumè.

Dumè (screenshot from "Les chansons d'abord", France 3 - September 2013)

For musical fans among you (as in the all-singing, all dancing comédie musicale of the theatre rather than the term in general) the name might ring a bell as Dumè has been part of the original troupe of "Robin des Bois - Ne renoncez jamais", the hit show (honestly) which opened in Paris in September 2013 and is now on a sellout tour of France.

Dumè plays (sings and dances) the part of Vaisey, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Success hasn't been an overnight affair for the 32-year-old. Far from it.

His break came after being spotted by Pascal Obispo, one of France's most successful (domestic) singer-songerwriters.

Mattei (as he still was) was invited to be Obispo's opening act for a series of concerts and signed to his label Atletico Music, where he began composing for other artists.

Among those were Johnny Hallyday (well, let's face it, over the years just about everyone and anyone has written for "the biggest rock star you've never heard of", haven't they?) Faudel (anyone remember him?) Natasha St Pier and Louisy Joseph (don't ask, just follow the link)

The biggest rock star you've never heard of

Clearly feeling music listeners in France deserved more though, in 2009 Mattei joined the fan-funded label My Major Company (which has been responsible for launching the careers of artists such as Grégoire, Joyce Jonathan and Irma) changed his name and released his first single "Je ne sais rien faire".

That was back in 2010. It has taken a mere four years for the follow-up single "Maman m'avait dit" which received plenty of pre-release date (April 28) radio play and is the first track to be taken from his debut album "Le moitié du chemin" due out on June 16.

For all it's lack of authenticity, it's a reasonably well-crafted pop song with all the dreadful catchiness of a radio hit.

A short version - the extract which is currently

Just a short version though - the official extract - as that's probably more than enough on which to base your opinion as to what you think about it.

Happy Frrrrrrrrriday's Frrrrrrrrench Music break listening.

Roll on the weekend.

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