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Friday, 23 May 2014

Friday's French music break - Corson, "Raise me up (je respire)"

This week's Friday's French music break is "Raise me up (je respire)" from Alain Cordier, a singer from the north-eastern town of Thionville who goes by the stage name of Corson.

Corson (screenshot from "Raise me up (je respire)" official video)

It's the latest release from his debut album "The rainbow" and allows Corson, who has over the years sung in several musicals and operettas, to switch genres, using what is described as an "atypical" voice, to venture into the world of pure pop.

A fair bit has been written about his career. He's far from being an overnight sensation and has a solid, if unspectacular (in terms of commercial success) musical pedigree starting out with a classical training at the Conservatoire de Thionville.

The 34-year-old describes his music as "typically Anglo-Saxon mixed with French sensibility" and it's perhaps not surprising that among the groups and singers he cites as having influenced him the most, there's not one French act.

Instead, he says he draws his inspiration from the likes of Sting, U2, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Rufus Wainwright.

Oh yes...and Depeche Mode, which perhaps explain the resemblance (don't you think?) to the group's lead singer Dave Gahan in the chorus of "Raise me up (je respire)" as Corson switches from French to English.

He has recently been the opening act for a few blasts from the past (who have not had the same sort of consistency or staying power over the years as Depeche Mode) including Boy George, Morten Harket (remember him? ) and Lisa Standsfield as they've each passed through Paris.

He's also scheduled to appear at the Cabenes festival in Metz on July

And following up on the interest there has been in "Raise me up (je respire)" as it has been receiving considerable airplay, he's also lined up to be interviewed on Virgin radio on Sunday evening complete with an acoustic performance.

Could well be worth a listen.

For the moment though, here's the single.

Enjoy and, as usual, have a great weekend.

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