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Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday's French music break - Bubblies, "Papier mâché"

Friday's French music break this week remains in the realms of...well music.

Now there's a novelty given some of the recent offerings.

But there's also a proverbial "twist in the tale" as will soon become clearer.

First up the song.

It's "Papier mâché" from an EP released in 2001 by the Toulouse-based indie group "Bubblies".

No, the name of the group probably isn't that well known, after all they're not the sort of band that regularly rocks the airwaves.

And the track is possibly just as unfamiliar as it was neither a commercial success, nor did it feature on any national radio playlist at the time of its release.

Still the four-piece group have been around for quite a few years - since 1991 to be exact - making music and building up a loyal if small(ish) following.

But their very existence was threatened by King, the creators of the online game "Candy Crush Saga" (can anyone out there explain the rules? On second thoughts, don't bother).

In June last year, King claimed that the group's name somehow "overshadowed" that of another game the company released in 2012 and wanted to relaunch in April 2014 as "Bubble Witch Saga 2". 

And with big bucks on their side, King threatened to begin legal proceedings against the band, claiming trademark infringement.

The group had everything to lose, including the video games they create on their official site (probably the real reason for King's move in the first place)  and called on their fans via their website and Facebook for support.

"We need your help to prevent a large multinational from 'wiping its feet' on a small rock group," the band wrote.

And the message was heard.

Not just by fans as they mobilised on both Facebook and Twitter, and the media as it picked up on what appeared to be a musical "David" pitted against an online "Goliath".

But also by King itself which abandoned its demand for the group to find another name or face a court battle.

All right, the music might not very best of French rock (whatever that might be) has to offer, but it's good to see the "little guy" win occasionally isn't it?

And reason enough to make "Papier mâché" this week's Friday's French music break.

Bon weekend.

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