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Monday, 10 February 2014

Miserable start for France at Sochi Winter Olympics

It's all a bit sad at the moment - France's performance at the Winter Olympics in Sochi that is.

All right, so it's only early days yet, but already TV commentators and sports reporters are finding "reasons" for the distinct lack of medals from those, such as biathlete Martin Fourcade, who were supposedly favourites to finish on the podium.

Heck, even that great winter sporting nation, Great Britain has one medal thanks to Jenny Jones' third place finish in the snowboard slopestyle.

Yes it could, for those clueless among us, be mistaken for the elaborate brass monkeys version of skateboarding but it was/is apparently one of the most popular events at the Winter X Games (that stands for extreme sports and risqué.)

As if to add insult to injury (well when you're talking sports, you've got to trot out the clichés) the French Yahoo site isn't helping matters either with the banner giving the most recent tally of medals - Norway in the lead at the time of writing moment, followed by Canada...and then "0" for France.

(screenshot from Yahoo France front page)

Back in 2010 in Vancouver, the French also got off to a slow start, but in the end managed to take home 11 medals including two gold.

Mind you, none of them came from the country's much vaunted Alpine skiing team which, given the unforgettable performance of Marion Rolland, didn't really come as much of a surprise.

Do you remember that moment when Rolland (sadly injured for this year's games) in true sporting journalism hyperbole, "carried the hopes of the country in the women's downhill?

...for all of three seconds.

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