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Sunday, 23 February 2014

"Balancing goats" video goes viral

You know how the Net is awash with videos showing cats (and less often perhaps dogs) doing the cutest, craziest things?

That "aaaah" factor guaranteed to make you smile.

Well the latest animal video to go "viral" is French and features creatures not commonly recognised for being endearing.


"Max Muro" (that's the name of the user on YouTube) uploaded the antics of his goats as they discovered the joys of a flexible sheet of steel on February 17.

And already it has been viewed more than seven million times.

Balancing goats (screenshot from YouTube video)

"Sunday, around lunch time, " he writes. "The 'family' discovered a new game: I filmed my goats (whose name will remain secret out of respect for their privacy) quite literally swinging"

He apparently only wanted to send the video to a friend but others quickly picked up on it and even (in the second version) set the one minute clip to music.

A great way to begin the week.

Now how do you do those annoying smiley symbols?

VIDÉO - Des chèvres jouent les équilibristes par rtl-fr

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