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Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday's French music break - As Animals, "Ghost gunfighters"

Friday's French music break this week is unashamedly pop (nowt wrong with that) and is the debut single from yet another group with the most extraordinary of names - As Animals.

"Ghost gunfighters" is a catchy little number described in one review as "a little melancholic" with "an emotionally charged air."


Yes. Well. Each to their own.

Composed by the two members of the group, Zara Desbonnes and Frederic Grange, "Ghost gunfighters is sung entirely in English and, if nothing else, provides a sign of things to come: inoffensive, easy to listen to pop music.

While the lyrics perhaps try too hard to be "poetic", the melody and the refrain offer up a hook that stays with the listener (whether you want it to or not).

And frankly, Desbonnes has a cracking voice, able to produce live a quality that's even better than the studio-produced sound.

Screenshot of video of As Animals  performing "Ghost Gunfighters" at Tendance Live Show 2013 in Saint Lô.

The song has been receiving a fair bit of airplay and has already reached number one in the Spotify France charts.

Now that's not really an indicator of real sales - or virtual ones either. Rather, in these digital days, it's a music streaming service allowing record labels to share with (paying) users what they (the record labels) think the public should be listening to and sharing.

Anyway, if you like the song and want to see As Animals perform live, then they'll be appearing as the warm-up act for the British group Texas in Lyon at the end of September and have two dates booked at Le Nouveau Casino in Paris at the beginning of October.

For now though, here's the video of "Ghost gunfighters".

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