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Friday, 30 August 2013

Friday's French music break - Yucca Velux, "Love"

Friday's French music break this week is a real treat. It's the title track from the EP "Love" from the eccentrically (well there's really no other word for it) named Yucca Velux, a four-piece "symphonic pop" group with an extraordinarily and delightfully different sound.
Yucca Velux (screenshot from Europe 1 radio)

That's mainly down to lead singer Mélo's voice which even manages to make bum, almost flat, notes sound simply delicious.

"Love" is the group's first release since they won Europe 1 radio's "Jeunes talents" early on in the year.

Sung in English, it's a sort of tongue-in-cheek girl-power recipe on how to catch and retain your man.

Clever lyrics which occasionally sit uncomfortably with the melody so that the whole structure of the song sounds somewhat contrived.

But hey, any "love" song which includes the words "quiver" and "qualm" has to be worth a listen.

And it most definitely is, coming across as a sophisticated, classy sound with an almost symphonic-like ending reminiscent of ELO or even the Beatles?

So, sit back - with a glass of red wine as suggested in the lyrics - and let it pour over you.


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