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Monday, 24 June 2013

François Hollande's Spanish-speaking "double"

Do not adjust your screens.

What you see in the first picture below and the video at the end is not a younger François Hollande off to a fancy dress party in a priest's outfit.

Rather, it's the real thing - a man of the cloth that is and not the French president.

Javier Alonso Sandoica (screenshot 13 TV)

A few years younger and more than several few kilos lighter by the looks of things, Javier Alonso Sandoica is blessed with mid-length flowing locks (all their natural colour, it should be added) and a television presence the French president would probably envy.

He presents a weekly slot on Spain's 13 TV in which he interviews a guest for just under 10 minutes, asks pertinent questions and seems fully at ease in front of the camera.

It was a screenshot of one of those programmes that was picked up by and Internaut, AminK, who noticed the resemblance between the two and posted on to his Twitter account with a short (well it was Twitter after all) "Someone has brought to my attention that President Hollande has a lookalike on Spanish TV. It makes me laugh a lot."

AminK's original Tweet (screenshot)

Others too seemed to be amused as the photo set the (French) Twittersphere alight with retweets.

Anyway, what do you think? Here are the two men side by side. Javier Alonso Sandoica is the one on the left just in case you were wondering.

And come to think of it, if it's supposed to be a "younger" François Hollande, wouldn't that perhaps make Father Javier more of a dead ringer for the French president's oldest son Thomas.

Thomas Hollande (screenshot from video taken at François Hollande rally in Dijon, March 2012)
Or does he (Thomas) have too much of the Ségolène Royal about him?

While we're in the realms of pure fancy, does anyone know of a suitable Seggers look-alike or Valérie Trierweiler doppelgänger?

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