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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tree hugging French medium predicts the end of the world

Summer is officially over and autumn is getting into its stride, which means it's countdown time.

Yes that's a reference to the end of the world - there'll doubtless be many of them in subsequent weeks - scheduled for December 21...or is it December 23?

Just to show how seriously some people treat the imminent apocalypse here's a report from France O -  a channel which admittedly so few people in France actually watch.

The clip was first broadcast in May, but retransmitted recently and it features Françoise, a former German teacher.

Françoise, the tree-hugging medium (screenshot from France O television)
Although it's uncertain what - if anything - her past profession has to do with her current beliefs and practices, that's how she's described in the report.

Anyway, Françoise very much has own "apocalyptic theory" which is supported, as far as she's concerned, by her own particular brand of insider knowledge.

And that's because she's able to talk to trees.

Hugging that tree (screenshot from France O television)

Not only that, she receives messages through them from, what she refers to as, her "masters" and is - wait for it - able to interpret them in front of the cameras, predicting the inevitable floods and devastation.

Oh yes, she's also a medium (of course) and the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene.

Now of course this might not stand up to even the least rigorous scientific theory and it certainly doesn't counter the body of contradictory "proof" available in many a kitchen cupboard in which you'll likely be able to find a packet of pasta good for use until 2014.

But at least she seems happy - if perhaps more a little out of her tree.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What an absolute nutter!


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