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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Go on, admit you made a mistake

It's not often we hear anyone admit they made a mistake, is it? And similarly it's probably just as seldom any of us own up to being in the wrong or having failed.

Admitting to either is...well, just not "cool" is it?

More than that it's downright embarrassing and defines us as ........GASP.....losers.

Everyday life usually teaches us to cover up our errors in so far as we can.

On the Net - well there's the security of hiding behind the anonymity of the keyboard which encourages far too many of us to say things we (hopefully) ordinarily wouldn't say face-to-face, refusing to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe sometimes we might be wrong, let alone apologise.

In politics - forget it. "Attack really is the best means of defence".  And even if they know their policies are going belly up, or they've failed to carry out electoral promises, politicians simply change their tune reinventing the "truth" to fit the circumstances.

All right so occasionally there's a "mea culpa" such as former French president Nicolas Sarkozy at the beginning of his failed re-election campaign (says it all, doesn't it) or more recently the UK's deputy prime minister (what's that?) Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg "apologising" ad nauseam at the party's conference.

But they're the exceptions rather than the rule.

And in business of course it's the complete antithesis of a company's raison d'être - to be successful.

But here's something of a (not-so) novel idea. We can all learn from our mistakes.

That's the premise behind a one-day conference being held in Paris on Tuesday,

All right so the symposium is aimed at what the organisers Failcon, say are "technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers" and is supposed to encourage  participants to "stop being afraid of failure and start embracing it."

That's surely more than spurious self-motivational claptrap and something from which we could all benefit by applying it what ever we do in all aspects of our lives.

So go on - admit your mistakes, own up to having failed, or apologise for being at fault...unless of course - like me - you're perfect.

Sarkozy se justifie du "casse toi pauvre con" et... par lemondefr

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