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Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday's French Music break - Michael Jackson, "Je ne veux pas la fin de nous"

Yep, you read correctly. Michael Jackson singing in French - a version of his 1987 duet with Siedah Garrett of "I just can't stop loving you".

Michael Jackson (screenshot "I just can't stop loving you" Live Bucharest Dangerous Tour 1992 YouTube video)

All right, it might not exactly be the very best of Jackson, but the original was the first of five consecutive tracks taken from the album "Bad" to make it to the top of the Billboard 100 - at a time when that sort of thing still mattered.

Can it really be (gulp) 25 years since the release of the album "Bad" from which the duet was taken?

Indeed it is, because it has been repackaged and re-released as "Bad 25" to celebrate the 25th anniversary of first hitting the shelves

"Je ne veux pas la fin de nous" is featured as one of the bonus tracks in the triple-CD and DVD set which was released here in France on September 17.

And for those who really, really like the song and speak Spanish, there's also a version in that language, "Todo mi amor eres tu".

Of course the whole "Bad 25" album is probably just another means by which Sony Music can capitalise on Jackson's legacy and the Los Angeles Times pop music critic Randall Roberts provides a pretty frank review of just what fans will get for their money.

For the truly diehard fan - and there are certainly plenty of them - there's also a documentary directed by Spike Lee on the making of the original album.

It screened outside of competition at the Venice film festival at the beginning of September, received its North American premiere at the Toronto international film festival a fortnight later and will hit the small screen - in the States - on November 22.

No word yet for French fans as to when it might air here.

OK. Enough. You can click on the links provided for source material and to find out more about the album - original and re-release - and the film.

For now, here's a rather "iffy" YouTube footage compilation to accompany the recording of "Je ne veux pas la fin de nous".

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