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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Nadine Morano's multicultural culinary recipe for not being branded a racist

She's at it again.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your radio or telly, up pops former minister Nadine Morano with the latest "proof" that she's anything but a racist.

Last week, you might remember, she managed to put both feet decidedly in her mouth at the same time by claiming that she couldn't possibly be accused of being racist because, "Some of her closest friends were Arabs."

And if anyone needed proof of just how open and accepting she was they only had to look at the fact that her best friend, "Was originally from Chad and so even blacker than an Arab."

Never one to know quite when its time to stop, Morano this week has gone all culinary to prove her multicultural credentials.

Nadine Morano (screenshot from Jean-Marc Morandini show on Europe 1)

She was the guest on Jean-Marc Morandini's show on Europe 1 radio on Wednesday morning and of course one of the questions she was asked was about the brouhaha caused by her comments the previous week.

Morano defended herself (to the best of her ability) giving the context in which"clumsy" references had been made and then, just for good measure throwing in suitable ingredients (of the edible sort) just to drive home how badly her comments had been misinterpreted.

"Actually I don't need to justify myself because I'm not a racist although I'm more of a fan of the classic pizza rather than the 'oriental' one mentioned in a supposedly humorous sketch which had preceded my comments," she explained before happily clodhopping her way on.

"On the other hand, I absolutely adore couscous and the traditional (North African) egg brik."


Nobody in the studio seemed to find what was later reported as Morano's attempt to raise a laugh, in the least bit amusing.

The big question perhaps is not when this woman will stop.

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that although she no longer a parliamentarian, let alone a member of the government, she cannot keep out of the limelight and is similarly incapable of not dropping a clanger.

No, the real issue must be that of when will journalists and radio or television hosts stop inviting her on to their programmes and giving her a platform from which to lumber from one idiotic statement to the next?

The answer -  it seems - is not any time soon.

So with that thought it mind, dear reader, here's a solemn promise.

This is the very last time you'll read a piece on Nadine Morano here...until the next time that is.

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