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Friday, 1 June 2012

Les Guignols "candidates" to replace Laurence Ferrari as TF1 news anchor

So TF1 prime time news anchor bid farwell to viewers on Thursday evening.

It was, as expected, a dignified and moving end.

And now the real speculation about her permanent replacement can begin in earnest.

Cue those wickedly satirical Les Guignols de l'info over on Canal +

They provided a few of their own suggestions as to who could take over by showing some of the "candidates in action" during an audition.

First up for Les Guignols was Claire Chazal, TF1's weekend news anchor, followed by Nikos Aliagas the presenter, of among other thing, the French version of The Voice.

Nikos Aliagas (screenshot Les Guignols)
Next to give it a bash was Benjamin Castaldi, whose grandmother, the wonderful actress the late Simone Signoret would surely be horrified that her grandson has signed up for yet another season of hosting trashy TV reality.

But the funniest was surely left until the end as Nicolas Sarkozy gave his best with an off-camera voice interrupting to say how peculiar it was to have the former president auditioning.

"How come?" replies Sarkozy.

"I was editor in chief of TF1's news for five years. If I appearing in front of the camera I'll just be saying the same things won't I?"

Nicolas Sarkozy (screenshot Les Guignols)

More candidates appear later in the show including TF1's weekday lunchtime presenter Jean-Pierre Pernaut, controversial political journalist and writer Éric Zemmour and Anne Sinclair - along with (inevitably) her husband, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Have a great weekend.

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