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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Laurence Ferrari's farewell, before during and after - professional and emotional

Laurence Ferrari's departure as anchor from TF1's daily prime time news and the list of potential successors has been well covered.

But even though it happened last Thursday and is fast in danger of becoming old news, it's worth a last look at a video which shows some behind-the-scenes shots of Ferrari during and after her final broadcast.

Laurence Ferrari (screenshot from last broadcast)
Of course it illustrates the differences between what happened onscreen and Ferrari's reactions when the cameras weren't focussed on her.

Although she kept it together throughout most of the broadcast  there were a few moments when she clearly had trouble hiding her feelings (there was a slight hiccough as she prepared to wrap up).

True professional that she is though, she kept going. And that has to be admired.

After she had finished though, the true emotions set in - although once again Ferrari showed her class and skill, holding back her tears and thanking colleagues.

It's in French, but you'll get the drift.

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