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Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday's French music break - Dave Dario, “Aujourd’hui”

Friday's French music break this week is from another of those contestants who took part, but didn't win the now-defunct television talent show Nouvelle Star: proving once again that the jury and the public don't always get it right.

Dave Dario (screenshot from “Aujourd’hui” official clip)
It's Dave Dario with his second single, “Aujourd’hui” - the kind of song that could well be surprise summer hit in France.

It's charming, easy on the ear and rides the wave of folk-influenced pop music which seems so fashionable at the moment.

There's also the obligatory mouth harmonica solo thrown in for good measure and of course, not forgetting that Dario actually has quite a pleasant voice.

Dario left his native Mauritius when he was just 17, first for South Africa and then London where he tried out unsuccessfully for X Factor.

In an interview recently he said the years spent in the UK were tough, but also helped him.

"I didn't have much money and I found myself busking quite a lot," he said.

"I managed to get by and slept on friends' sofas, waiting for the next audition."

One of those auditions was in Paris in 2010 for the eighth and, what would be, final season of Nouvelle Star.

The then 27-year-old made it through to the last 15, appearing each week on the show until being knocked out. He finished sixth behind the eventual winner Luce (Lucie Brunet) after weeks of not-exactly fulsome praise from the four-member jury who had chosen him in the first place.

Since then he has been quietly but consistently tailoring his craft, was recently the warm-up act at one of Canadian singer Isabelle Boulay's Paris concerts and has secured a recording contract with Polydor France.

His debut album, from which “Aujourd’hui” is taken, is due out later this year and is as Dario describes one which, "mixes pop, folk and groove," just in the image of the man himself with "warmth and sincerity."

Oh yes, and once again, he has a very pleasing voice to listen to.

So enjoy and let it groove you into a weekend feeling.

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