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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sarkozy's May Day Paris rally attracts 200,000 - really?

A mighty 200,000 crowded on to Place du Trocadéro in Paris on Monday for the May Day rally organised by the current French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

You know the one - for "real workers" aimed as an alternative ones traditionally held in the French capital and throughout the country by the Unions.

You need proof?

Well, Sarkozy told the throng during the meeting and tweeted it to his followers afterwards.

There was even a photo on his Twitter account to accompany it.

You can count if you really, really want to.

Place du Trocadéro rally (screenshot Le Petit Journal)

But wait.

Surely those numbers are just a tad inflated.

After all, Place du Trocadéro can't possibly hold that many people can it?

It's simply not large enough.

Well it is thanks to the trusty Le Petit Journal on Canal + which, rather tongue-in-cheek, helpfully reproduced in the studio exactly how the figure could have been reached.

Because given the space available and the number of people claimed, it would have allowed just one square metre of space for every nine people.

Entirely feasible?

Well not quite given the demonstration on Le Petit Journal which showed just how impossible it would have been for that many people to have stood still in such cramped conditions let alone wave flags and applaud as could be seen on television footage of the event.

Oh well, what's the odd 100,000 plus between friends.

It was possibly only a slight exaggeration and an event, after all.

Something, which along with hyperbole, seems to have become a trademark of the 2012 French presidential election campaign.

And that's the most important thing isn't it?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope for the outgoing president's sake that he doesn't believe his own words, about how popular he is, how many people are flocking to his meetings... Otherwise, as people say here in France, "plus dure sera la chute" on Sunday evening!

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