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Friday, 11 May 2012

Friday's French music break, Shaka Ponk - "My name is Stain"

Friday's French music break this week is one that follows what seems to have become something of a trend for singers and groups in this country.

It's in English.

screenshot from official video on YouTube

Mind you, that doesn't mean it's any more comprehensible as the lyrics of "My name is Stain"  aren't particularly inspiring or complicated  at first glance and run along the lines of...

"The guy next door, is such a whore
the food I eat is poison or
I eat no food cause I can't find a store"

But heck, how often have you heard and liked a song that seems to say little or nothing?

Founded in Paris at the beginning of the last decade, SHK PNK  as they're apparently often referred to - take a look at the official website - by friends, family and fans are at heart a six-piece band (seven if you count the virtual monkey who appears with them on stage and in videos) comprising François Charon or Frah, CC, Mandris Steve and since 2010 the Anglo-Egyptian singer Samaha Sam.

Their music is a blend of electro-rock, funk, hip hop and punk (where was the kitchen sink?) and on their official Facebook page Shaka Ponk - sorry it's hard to stick with the vernacular - SHK PNK is - wait for this, "a mutant rock band that explores the virtual to have better roots in reality."


Work it out for yourself if you can - or must.

Several years and three albums down the line the group has found commercial success with a series of sold out dates in France and of course TV appearances such as the one recently on France 2's music show Taratata.

And they'll be back at Olympia in Paris in November.

Their latest album, "The Geeks And The Jerkin' Socks" released in June 2011 has so far spent 30 weeks in the charts and the single "My name is Stain" peaked at number seven for three weeks and is still receiving plenty of airplay.

That's enough with the statistics already.

Here's the song whose lyrics do apparently have a sense behind them  (listen to the beginning of the interview with Nagui on Taratata if you're keen to discover more) even if they are pretty obscure and contrived.

It actually doesn't matter one iota though as the melody is irresistible and that's usually what sticks in the head.

Have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

Samaha ain't Egyptian at all (listen to her on that matter).
And the meaning of the lyrics is quite obvious...Guess you just have to LISTEN.

France Today said...

Dear Anonymous. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. As far as Samaha Sam's nationality and origins are concerned, I would be grateful if you could provide a link. Her biography on TV5 Monde lists her as Anglo-Egyptian.

As for the meaning of the lyrics of this particular song: the views expressed here are purely subjective. I found and continue to find them bordering on the non-sensical. That doesn't detract from the overall enjoyment of the song. If you have an interpretation and/or explanation, I would be interested to read it.

France Today said...

Here's the TV5 Monde link for Samaha Sam.

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