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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Yahoo France's artistic spelling boo-boo

Isn't there just something a little disconcerting when the headline of a piece dealing with the subject of optical illusions appears inadvertently to have that very effect on the reader?

That's exactly what Yahoo France managed to do recently when it ran a feature piece on American artist Kurt Wenner.

Yahoo "tompe-l'œil" (screenshot from Yahoo)

The former designer for NASA has built up something of a reputation for an art form he invented in 1984, according to his official website, anamorphic or
3D pavement art.

Kurt Wenner anamorphic or 3D pavement art (screenshot from YouTube video)

In his own words Wenner, "Invented a new geometry to create compositions that appear to rise from, or fall into the ground."

And the results are - well, staggering.

That was clearly what Yahoo was trying to get across but the headline which used the French expression "trompe l'œil" to make its point.

Only that's not quite what appeared in the headline, with an "r" in "trompe" sadly missing rendering the sentence meaningless.

Admittedly when you click on the link the spelling is tidied up, but still...great to see Yahoo sub editors well and truly on the ball.

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