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Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday's French music break - Sexion d'Assaut, "Avant qu'elle parte"

Friday's French music break this week is from a group, collective, ensemble - call them what you will - that hasn't shied away from making the headlines over the years.

And not always for the right reasons.

It's Sexion d'Assaut with their most recent single the chart-topping "Avant qu'elle parte".

(screenshot from YouTube video)

A group, that from its formation in 2002 had "around" 20 members (you can see how difficult it is to categorise exactly what they are), Sexion d'Assaut now numbers (just) eight.

They were all either born or brought up in Paris or the surrounding suburbs and each, except for Adams Diallo carries a suitably "street" moniker; Black M, JR O Crom, Maître Gims, Doomams, Lefa, L.I.O., Maska.

Already the name of the group is a controversial one - you can do the Googling to find out why.

And some of the band's members have had run-ins with the country's legal system over the years.

Add to that accusations in 2010 of homophobia and a whole (to use a word the French love so much) polemic that ensued with a national music radio station refusing to promote the album "L'École des points vitaux" at the time and some towns and cities across the country cancelling the group's scheduled appearances and it would be all to easy to dismiss the group as having little or no real worth.

(screenshot from YouTube video)

But, even if tempted, don't be so quick to dismiss them as just another say-anything-to-grab-the-headlines group.

Controversy hasn't dented their success. Far from it - of course.

"L'École des points vitaux" sold more than 400,000 copies and their most recent album, "L'Apogée" released at the beginning of March has already topped the charts.

The reason is simple.

For all the bluster and invective surrounding Sexion d'Assaut, there is also some truly excellent music and outstanding lyrics: none more so perhaps than in "Avant qu'elle parte".

It might not be to everybody's taste, but the combination of rap, rhythm, strings, and...get this..."proper" singing, together with those lyrics make it well worth a listen.

Purists might say it's too commercial. Those who raise their eyes at the very mention of rap may simply snort into their coffee rather than take a proper listen.

So here are two versions to help you make up (change?) your mind.

First up the official clip and then one with the lyrics, which might help you follow more closely exactly what the song is about.

If you're tempted and want to see Sexion d'Assaut live, you can catch them at Paris Bercy on May 22.

Enjoy - et bon week-end.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Rap is not my thing. But they do have good voices.


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