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Friday, 17 February 2012

French magazine to publish Adele sextape photos

Oh isn't it just what you wanted to see and read about?

Pictures alleged to be of the Grammy award-winning British singer Adele in a compromising position.

They appear in this week's edition of the French celebrity gossip magazine "Public" which devotes three whole pages of the 23-year-old "enjoying herself".

"It's the revenge of a former boyfriend", runs the headline on the front cover.

"The images come from a video made with a smartphone," explains the magazine.

Infamous French paparazzo Jean Claude Elfassi has apparently also got his hands on stills from the video and to the delight probably of those with the smallest of minds is planning to publish them online from Saturday - uncensored.

Oh well, it obviously pleases some to mess with the lives of others without any sense of morality.

Clearly if someone is a public figure he, or in this case she, is fair game no matter what.

And by the time the singer has managed to get the slow wheels of French justice to grind into action, the story (what story?) and photos will have done their rounds of the magazines and the Net.

Maybe though the whole thing is a hoax designed to sell more copies.

So, just to take your minds away from what will doubtless be a huge (and perhaps meaningless) buzz and to concentrate on what's really interesting about Adele, here's a video - of her singing.

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