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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Gérard Depardieu "explains" airplane pee incident on US TV

So Gérard Depardieu, that great slob of a Frenchman with his disgusting manners, has had his day on US television.

Gérard Depardieu (screenshot "Anderson" talk show)

You might remember the incident aboard a Paris-Dublin 'plane last month when one of France's best-known actors reportedly peed in front of other passengers because a member of the cabin crew refused to allow him to use the loo just as the 'plane was ready to taxi for take off.

That was followed up by a laughing fit live on air from TV presenter and journalist Anderson Cooper as he joked about the incident.

Well, the two men came face-to-face, albeit via satellite, on a recent edition of Cooper's syndicated talk show "Anderson" and it was a chance for Depardieu to give his version of what had happened and for Cooper to quiz him as to why he had peed on the 'plane.

As you can hear from the accompanying video (it's all in English - just for a change - although heavily accented and guttural on the part of Depardieu) Cooper, who insists on calling the actor "Depardoo" praised him for his "fine sense of humour" and milked a ridiculous incident for all it was worth.

And much to the delight of an audience tittering away in a manner worthy of the canned laughter that accompanies so many cheesy sitcoms, Depardieu showed absolutely no remorse for his vulgar gesture and passed it off as...well see for yourselves.

It's hilarious - not.

And how great it is to see arguably one of France's finest actors make such a complete buffoon of himself - again.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

What a Pig! And such a huge disappointment for me.


France Today said...


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