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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday's French music break - Ornette, "Crazy"

Friday's French music break this week is "hot off the press" so-to-speak.

It's the single "Crazy" from the yet-to-be-released debut album by Ornette.

Ornette (screenshot from YouTube video of live performance during Disquaire day)

Never heard of her?

Don't be surprised, as she's not exactly a household name here in France - yet.

All the same, the 28-year-old Bettina Kee (her real name) has some pretty impressive credentials and is very much the new darling of the French public radio channel France Inter at the moment.

And with reason.

Because Ornette's "Crazy (sea me)" is quite simply delightful, delicious and different.

She has worked with the likes of the Australian-born singer Micky Green, French musician Arthur H and the late, great Alain Bashung and her sound is...well...unique.

Interviewing Ornette on France Inter, the presenter Augustin Trapenard, who is clearly a fan, described her as, "A musician, pianist and singer with more than one identity and an eclecticism that comes across on the album."

And the woman who apparently likes both Dido and Lady Gaga explained how she chose her stage name.

It's in honour of the American saxophonist, violinist, trumpeter and composer, described as one of the "major innovators of the free jazz movement in the 1960s" Ornette Coleman.

"One of his songs is called 'Lonely woman' and that was what I wanted to call myself when I first started performing alone," she said.

"But I found that a bit 'heavy' and redundant, so instead I plumped for 'Ornette' which I also found a very pretty name and it's also appropriate because even if I don't exactly play the same sort of music, I also like improvising when I play."

Anyway, if you want to catch Ornette at one of her upcoming concerts, scoot along to her official site for a full listing.

In the meantime, kick back those heels and enjoy both the France Inter interview and the single "Crazy" - the teaser...and far too short.


And just for the hell of it, the full version performed live during Disquaire day in April 2011


Anonymous said...

great, thank you! I also heard the other songs, so beautiful!!! they follow you all the day!!! taralou

Anonymous said...

great, thank you! I also heard the other songs, so beautiful!!! they follow you all the day!!! taralou

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