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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The dog and the rock

When well brought up "man's best friend" is faithful, loving, trusting and, as any dog owner will tell you, often as daft as the proverbial brush.

Bottoms up (screenshot from YouTube video)

You need proof?

Check out the latest in a long line of canine capers that seem to dominate YouTube.

This mutt looks to be of the many breeds that would require a muzzle and/or special certification of ownership here in France as per the "dangerous dogs act" of 2008.

Among other things, the law obliges anyone owning a dog from groups 1 or 2 to undergo training with a qualified instructor (seven hours in total) in "canine behaviour and accident prevention."

Anyway, the dog with the rock, is clearly not from France, as can be heard from the voice of his owner with the infectious laugh.

But its behaviour in the video is proof positive surely that with the right upbringing, any pooch - regardless of breed - has the capacity to


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