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Thursday, 28 April 2011

An appeal to Mr DSK - Please don't run for president

The speculation as to whether Dominique Strauss-Kahn will run in the primary to choose the Socialist party's candidate for next year's presidential election in France is just about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn (image from Wikipedia)

Everyone knows what his intentions are - at least they think they do.

But DSK's saying nothing although all the signs are that it'll be a "yes".

For the moment though at least the French can hope - that he won't run.

Because please Mr. DSK, leave it to the younger generation to fight it out and try to persuade the French that the Socialist party has a viable alternative to the current government heading ever further into the territory of the far-right Front National.

Let's face it Mr DSK, you're not getting any younger.

You have a checkered past - politically, legally and dare one say in terms of affairs of the heart (or certain appendages).

We all know in France that reputed philandering shouldn't matter - and it doesn't most of the time - in politics, but it's not exactly the best of character references for a man aiming for the country's top job, no matter what his undoubted skills and talent might be.

And wouldn't a complete break with the past and the accepted way of doing politics be good for the Socialist party?

Yes we all know that Seggers might seem as mad as a hatter to many out there, and certainly her love-in with the French media seems to have gone pear-shaped.

But one thing she did last time around - and which sparked a ray of hope - was get younger people involved with the promise that she was the answer to the party elephants.

She fair black-eyed you in the prelims - you and Fabius - but like the good sports you were, you gritted your teeth, stuck the knife in and appeared to be behind her for the presidential election.

Your aim was true. She lost.

There then followed that debacle over the leadership contest, which you weren't part of because you had already accepted a cushy number over in Washington.

But your shadow has apparently been casting its mark over the party all the way across the Pond.

And you've kept in touch with what has been happening here even if it is has been from a distance or during literally flying visits to press the flesh.

Will you beat Sarkozy? All the polls say so.

But do you really have an alternative to offer?

Can Socialists unite behind you (perhaps) and carve out a new definition and role for themselves - er...maybe not.

Let the younger generation have their say. It's time.

Throw your support behind one of them.

Act as a mentor - one full of sagacity, sound advice and support - and avoid any possible compromising dalliances.

Who knows, you might even end up as prime minister.


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Well I'm sure he won't now. Perv!

France Today said...

Thanks for your comment. The term "perv" is probably inappropriate as nothing has yet been proven. Granted DSK has a reputation, and French journalists are now admitting that they have made mistakes in respecting privacy laws which might have revealed his behaviour to a wider public earlier (and perhaps have prevented this alleged crime ever happening). But he hasn't been convicted - yet.

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