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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A standing ovation for Bran' nu vibe in French X Factor

It might be early days still. No scrub that - it certainly is, as the televised auditions to find the French act with that "X Factor" only began on Tuesday.

But already viewers have been treated to something rather special: a group with soul, groove, harmony and rhythm that leave you wanting more.

Oh yes - and they can sing.

Bran' nu vibe.

Bran' nu vibe (screenshot from M6 video)

It was a case of "saving the best until last" as viewers had to sit through a pretty mixed bunch of acts.

There were those who clearly had talent and will go far, such as Valentin Pasquier (check out his version of Ray Charles' "Georgia on my mind" - dangerous territory, but he pulled it off).

Some who could sing, but you know they're really just "making up the numbers" and obviously don't stand a chance of winning.

And those with absolutely no talent beyond their ability to "sing in the shower" but just can't be told.

And then there was Bran' nu vibe.

The quartet of Elhadi Elhassar, Lisa Mba, Lionelle Nouk Nouk and Stéphane Zangara gave a rendition (and you're recommended to watch and listen) of Curtis Mayfield's "People get ready" that just grooved from start to finish.

Zangara opened the number simply enough and after the first couple of lines was joined by the others, stunning harmonies and great grooves.

But when, "Pow" Elhassar took over lead vocals, it clearly gave one of the jury members, Véronic Dicaire, goose bumps and probably a fair number of viewers at home too.

All four could, and did, sing lead. Their voices blended magnificently and you knew, you just knew that the judges had been dazzled.

Heck they all stood up to applaud after the performance and were unanimous in their praise.

Who wouldn't have been?

The competition had found its group. And therein lies the rub perhaps.

M6 had promised viewers that the programme would be the "musical event of the year" - although that might be more than a little of an exaggeration.

Yes the format is different - judges choosing and coaching the finalists.

And yes the inclusion of groups and categories other than "pretty young things' in their late teens and early twenties means that it's probably more representative of the real range of talent that's out there.

But it's still hard for a group to win (a quick search and look at Wikipedia's listings of international variations on the same theme will confirm that).

Can Bran' nu vibe win the whole thing? Who knows.

But if there's more of where this came from then they should go far and they'll certainly pick up a fan or two (to say the least) along the way.

Can't wait.

More please.

People Get Ready - Curtis Mayfield - Cover - X Factor France

Bran 'nu vibes | Myspace Music Videos


Anonymous said...

As an American jury on a German show says "Zie can Zingen!"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bran' nu vibe are cool. Soooooo good. Merci pour the review.

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