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Friday, 18 February 2011

Belgian goalie fluffs it - BIG time

Or as one of Belgium's national broadcasters RTL described him when it ran the story, "The world's worst goalkeeper III".

Yes it's a footballing story from Belgium, complete with video of a moment Damien Lahaye will surely never forget.

Damien Lahaye (screenshot from YouTube video)

Any story about Belgium is bound to be confusing because names of town and cities change according to the language.

Remember it's a country incorporating (roughly speaking) Dutch-speaking Flanders in the northern half and French-speaking Wallonia (which also includes a small German-speaking community) in the southern half.

This tale of the Beautiful Game involves two teams from Flanders, both playing in the country's top division, and has the added spice of being a derby of sorts as they're only 25 kilometres apart.

The home side last weekend was Koninklijke Voetbalclub Kortrijk (Dutch) or KV Courtrai (French) and the visitors Koninklijke Atletieke Associatie Gent (KAA Gent)/ La Gantoise.

Just to add to the confusion of course the English spelling of the Gent includes an "h" to become Ghent.

No there weren't five teams on the pitch, although perhaps Courtrai's goalie thought there were.

Anyway enough of the geography lesson. Grab an map of the country if you wish.

Back to Lahaye's blunder.

The game had entered the final 10 minutes and Ghent striker Ilombe M'Boyo made a cross which his team mates in the penalty area couldn't quite get their heads to.

Never mind - in came Lahaye to the rescue as he failed to scoop up the ball and instead allowed it through his legs for a GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAL - as the Brazilians might put it.

Jubliation from Courtrai's supporters.

The goal was accredited to M'Boyo as nobody else had touched the thing.

And Lahaye did only what any professional would do under the circumstances; he picked the ball up, booted it upfield and then put his head in his hands in shame.

Final score: Courtrai 0 - Ghent 1

Ah The Beautiful Game can throw up some memorable moments. And not always for the right reason.

1 comment:

politicsfrance said...

Nothing better than watching a professional footballer having a terrible evening! Go Ghent.

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