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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lady Gaga "hates the snow" but still "loves the French"

It must surely have been enough to send Stefani Germanotta as her stage name might suggest, completely Lady Gaga.

For the second time the 24-year-old had to postpone one her Paris concerts, and the Lady certainly wasn't amused.

Lady Gaga (source Wikipedia, author John Robert Charlton aka Bobby Charlton of Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, England)

In fact she was steamingly irate as she let all those following her on Twitter know.

"I'm furious and devastated," she wrote after the trucks carrying her set had been been prevented from arriving at Paris Bercy, the venue where she was due to play two concerts.

"It's unfair to my fans and me."

The reason of course was the bad weather that hit many parts of France over the weekend and the decision by the authorities to stop all heavy goods vehicles from entering Paris or even circulating in the surrounding Ile de France region.

It was a measure taken to allow snowploughs and gritters easier access to major routes in and out of the French capital and to avoid the kind of mess that occurred a couple of weeks ago when snow brought the city to a near standstill - or not as the interior minister, Brice Hortefeux, insisted at the time.

That was little consolation to Lady Gaga though who had been forced to postpone the Paris leg of her Monster Ball tour back in October and reschedule for Sunday and Monday.

Then it was nationwide strikes (that French pastime) and protests against government plans to raise the retirement age which caused fuel and transportation problems throughout France and had stopped her set making it to Bercy.

Now it was the weather - or more precisely, the snow.

Still the thaw arrived, the embargo on lorries was lifted and all 28 of those carrying the set and props managed the final few kilometres in time for Monday night's bash.

And it'll be third time lucky for fans who had tickets to the previous evening's concert as the "show will most definitely go on" with an extra date scheduled for Tuesday evening.

No wonder the pop princess "hates the snow".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

at least she wasn't left stranded on board a plane as Madonna was in Stansted. Though apparently the latter had presidential treatment and was whisked off the plane along with her entourage while her fellow passengers (including fellow first class passengers) were left to complain inside the plane for a couple of hours more.

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