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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Green the orang-utan

Green the orang-utan (screenshot from film)

"Her name is Green, she is alone in a world that doesn't belong to her. She is a female orang-utan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation."

No words are necessary. And there are none in this video (full version here).

Take just 48 minutes out of your busy schedule. That's surely not to much to ask.

And follow the story of Green's final days.

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Anonymous said...

And if you want to act (by not buying products that contain palm oil for instance), please look at the following link:

redapes said...

GREEN is the best film ever made depicting the double horror that is the deforestation and palm oil industries. Together they are destroying the planet...
Please support orangutan conservation. Adopt an orangutan today from Orangutan Outreach:

Anonymous said...

Saw the film last night. Extremely moving. Made me ashame of what mankind is doing to our "closest" relatives in the animal world.

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