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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Orangina ad "too gay" for French TV

For the second time in less than a month a television commercial with a gay theme has been released in France.

The latest one, from the Orangina soda company, hasn't yet made it on to the small screen as it's deemed to be too "controversial".

A couple of weeks ago the fast food chain McDonald's began airing an advertisement in France which took as its subject a gay son and his father, eating in one of their restaurants.

Now it's the turn of Orangina which last week released a commercial featuring a puma shaving and then using the soft drink as an eau de Cologne before his shirtless male friend joins him and caresses his face.

Orangina is well known in France for releasing advertisements which create waves and are often mocking and ironic in tone.

The most recent one is part of a campaign which "features different human-like animals using Orangina for unusual satiric purposes, such as mopping the floor, fighting bad breath or hair conditioning."

Unlike the McDonald's commercial though, the one from Orangina hasn't yet aired on French television.

And as the NoSite Agency responsible for creating an online buzz for the campaign told the French gay blog Yagg, it's unlikely to in the near future because it has been deemed too "daring".

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the interesting materials I've read on LGBT issues so far. Something else that's related to your post is this comedy video I've seen on a blog: You might want to check it out.

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