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Thursday, 3 December 2009

A slice of life in France - snapshots of Castres, Tarn

Once the largest town in the département of Tarn in the southwest of France, Castres and its surrounding metropolitan area now has a population of around 44,000.

Once famous for its light industry - and especially textiles - the town is nowadays probably best known for its top flight rugby union team, and the Goya museum, which houses the largest collection of Spanish paintings in France.

With its distinctively colourful buildings, and the river Agout running through the centre, it's would be difficult for even the most hapless photographer to make a hash of the odd snapshot or two.

Statues of the town's most famous son - Jean Jaurès

Place Jean Jaurès

A square in the old town

Agout river

Town centre

A shopping street

A hairdressing salon with surely some of the most confusing opening times


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