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Sunday, 17 May 2009

French "nude" music video creates a buzz on the Net

It's perhaps a lesson to all music makers on how to gain maximum "exposure" (forgive the pun - it'll become clear in a moment) for your very first single release.

The French electro-rock duo Make The Girl Dance, one of whose members, Pierre Mathieu, is a well-known presenter on the national commercial television station M6, is doing just that at the moment with a video that has been creating quite a stir on the Net.

The group's song "Baby, Baby, Baby" isn't due for release until June 1, but already there have been more than 300,000 views of the video in less than 24 hours.

And the secret behind what is probably rather an ordinary bit of music (depending on your tastes) and otherwise unlikely to take the world by storm because the lyrics are, let's face it, hardly mind-blowing (and you don't really need to be able to speak a word of French to understand).

Simple. The video features three women naked and/or scantily clad and then naked, individually strutting their stuff along to the beat of the music.

The shooting of the video took place in one of the streets of Paris (rue Montorgueil) - reportedly one of the most frequented of the French capital - in broad daylight. And while passers-by turn their heads, obviously not quite believing their eyes, their faces are blacked out, as are the "naughty bits"of the three women.

This story would undoubtedly benefit from my being able to upload the video - but the contents might be considered a little saucy for this site (although it is "decent' - just) - and besides I haven't for the life of me managed to work out how to upload.

WARNING: YouTube and Daily Motion both remind viewers that it "could" cause offence.

Perhaps France should have tried a different technique at Eurovision and asked Mathieu to compose and stage the country's entry!

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Anonymous said...

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